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Employment Programs

City Access New York is pleased to offer three programs that give individuals the opportunity to obtain and maintain employment.

Pathway to Employment

Pathway to Employment is an exciting new a person-centered pre-employment program that provides support services and career planning for individuals who have not had any employment experience. The program lasts either one year or for 278 hours (whichever option the person reaches first) during which the individuals equip themselves with tools necessary to gaining employment. During this program participants learn communication skills, interviewing skills, travel training, job readiness training, and constructing a resume. The individuals will have the opportunity to volunteer at potential employment sites where they will receive hands-on job training and instruction provided by a trained job coach.
The most important aspect of the program is the process of self-discovery: Pathway seeks to give individuals knowledge of and experiences with different tasks in different job areas so that they can make an informed choice on what they would like to do for employment. The end goal of the program is employment and independence.

A person has to be in the HCBS Waiver to participate in Pathway. You may be enrolled in SEMP or a Day Hab while participating in Pathway.

Supported Employment

The next step once an individual is employed is to maintain their employment. Limited job coaching through Supported Employment is to provide the supports and services for that individual to further hone their work skills. At this level the role of the job coach is to be the bridge between the employee and employer.

All of the programs are OPWDD sponsored and a person must be eligible for HCBS Waiver services in order to participate.