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Brooklyn Respite

School Holiday Respite

Are you looking for something to do during School Holiday breaks? If you are 14-21 years old, City Access New York offers a School Holiday Respite during most school holidays including the Winter break in February and the Spring Break. We are a Without Walls program and we travel to fun destinations such as:

Horseback riding


Amusement parks

Movies, Dave & Busters


Urban Park Rangers


So don’t sit on the couch doing nothing- sign up and have an adventure, meet up with your friends and explore new venues.


Weekend Respite

City Access New York offers a Weekend Respite for adults who have graduated and want to meet up with friends and do different recreational activities throughout the city. The respite meets ONE weekend day per month.

You need to be OPWDD eligible for both respites. Door to Door Transportation is provided for School Holiday and Weekend Respites. Please note all candidates must be living at home.